When the road ends. The Tale of an incredible journey. Book in english

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As a young child, Dylan often daydreamed of adventure and yearned to travel the world. However, growing up in Sri Lanka, facing extreme poverty and many hardships, his dreams often seemed as impossible to reach as the stars in the night sky. Yet despite all the odds and many years later, Dylan literally rides around the world on a motorcycle which he affectionately names Bruce. After 130,000 miles, four continents and two and a half years later, Dylan finds himself in Panama where all roads suddenly end. Undaunted, Dylan builds a raft atop ten oil barrels, powered by his motorcycle and a tiny sail and ventures out across the Pacific Ocean to reach Columbia. And as you would expect, things do go wrong. But luckily for Dylan there are dolphins...
Dylan Samarawickrama, Martina Zürcher
352 sites, 21 black/white pictures
ISBN 978-3-9524448-5-6

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