TransBalkan *Vienna to Istanbul* *vol. 1* A journey through south-eastern Europe by Cordula and Rudi Froese

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With more than 200 pages, accompanied by personal diary notes, this large-format photo documentary describes author and photographer Rudi Froese's motorbike adventures through the Balkans with his wife Cordula. Cordula and Rudi Froese covered 5,000 miles (8,000 km) on their two-wheeled expedition through south-eastern Europe. Over 8 weeks they travelled through 14 countries as they criss-crossed the Balkan Peninsula.
First they followed the Danube downstream, across the wide Pannonian Basin and through the Serbian province of Vojvodina, before passing the Iron Gate to reach Wallachia. Taking detours through the Romanian Banat, they made their way to Sibiu in the historical heart of Transylvania.

TransBalkan covers:
8,324 kilometres
3,021 kilometres offroad
832.4 litres of petrol
2 litres of engine oil
2 flat tyres
210 litres of drinking water
14 countries
18 border crossings
10 currencies
9 languages
4 seas
34 days of sun
8 days of rain
44° celsius maximum temperature
8° celsius minimum temperature
3 crashes
0 police stops

In diary form, the couple tell about their memorable and often unexpected experiences, the people they meet along the way, their extraordinary and seemingly boundless hospitality, and their own impressions and emotions as they journey through this colourful, curious and at times contradictory world. Yet images can only partly convey the magic of this journey: apart from offering a foretaste of the film of the same name, this photo book hopes to inspire people to go on discovery adventures of their own, to parts of Europe as yet less affected by the fast pace of modern life.

Vol. 2 - Istanbul to Vienna - will be published at the end of 2012

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