SPOT HUG - Hybrid Universal Guardian

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Product Description

If you can’t be near your vehicle, SPOT HUG will protect your motorbike or 4x4 using state-of-the-art satellite technology. Even in remote areas without GSM coverage. Send a (pregenerated) message home at any time so friends and family can follow your trip on Google Maps.
Unauthorised movement notification:
Detects unauthorised movement, sends notifications and daily status updates with GPS position and sensor status. Built-in battery ensures position is still sent even if the vehicle’s battery is disconnected. If your motorbike moves by more than 500 metres (scatter due to GPS signal inaccuracy, hence “movement” occurs even when standing still) when the remote control is not present, this unauthorised movement is detected and a notification is sent to the Asset Monitoring Centre.

Upon receiving a notification (unauthorised movement alert from the vehicle) this security centre (included in the Basic Service plan) initially attempts to contact a list of designated persons. If these contact persons are unavailable, the police are alerted.

Sensor alert capabilities:
Connect the SPOT HUG to a maximum of four monitoring sensors for the battery, engine/ignition or other external contacts. SPOT HUG will alert you via text message and/or e-mail if the sensors are triggered. Five alerts are included in the Basic Service plan to enable a system test (requires additional services.)

Lets your contacts know where you are and that you’re OK. Store up to 10 e-mail or text message recipients. To be on the safe side, this message is sent three times, but the recipient only receives it once. Pregenerated messages and the position of the Check-in/OK can also be sent directly to Facebook.

Track progress:
Sends your current position every 10 minutes for 24 hours. Each position is sent once together with the last two recording points to ensure the record is complete. People can follow your journey on Google Maps via a link created in your FindMeSpot account. However, only the last seven days are shown. Set up another free account at and your journey can be viewed over a long period. HTML code is provided that lets you embed the map with positions in your own web page.

If it’s “just” a technical fault and not a life-threatening situation, 10 text messages or e-mails can be sent to your contacts. When the SPOT Help function is activated, the location and pregenerated message are sent every 5 minutes together with your request for assistance to the SPOT satellite network – either for one hour or until the Help message is cancelled.

In a critical or life-threatening situation, the SOS function sends your distress call and GPS position to the GEOS International Emergency Response Centre every five minutes. If no GPS signal is available, the distress signal is sent without a GPS position. We highly recommend travel medical insurance that covers the country you are visiting in order to cover the rescue costs. Details of your travel medical insurance policy can be stored along with the information for the SOS function.

Complete SPOT communication/messaging functions:
- 100% satellite-based for maximum coverage worldwide
- Unauthorised movement alert notification to Asset Monitoring Centre
- Receive daily status update message with vehicle’s location and sensor notifications
- Sensor alert monitoring and notification for bilge, engine and battery. Configure up to 4 monitoring sensors
- Wireless keypad security and messaging system
- Uses battery power or direct line power
- Easy to install

SPOT HUG specs:
- Operating temperature -20 °C to +85 °C
- Operating altitude: -100 m to 6,500 m
- IP67 waterproof
- Size: 9.79 x 9.79 x 3.3 cm
- Sends position via satellite worldwide (Globalstar satellite system)
- SPOT HUG’s tracker unit houses the built-in GPS receiver and satellite transmitter
- Uses batteries and 12/24 V DC hook-up
- Keypad for activating/deactivating functions, e.g. lets you deactivate a faulty sensor on the move, without Internet access

- SPOT HUG tracker mounting bracket
- Remote control
- Keypad and mounting bracket
- Cable assembly
- USB cable
- 4 x AA lithium batteries for SPOT HUG
- 4 x CR2032 button cells for keypad and remote control

NOTE: SPOT Basic Service plan and tracking need to be activated and paid for separately via your FindMeSpot account.

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