Rokstraps STRAP IT™ Motorbike Flat *black* Length 30 cm

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Product Description

"The fastest, easiest strap to use for those who regularly carry the same luggage size and shape"
Do you usually carry the same luggage on your road bike, ATV (Quad), urban transporter or general purpose bike? Want the fastest, easiest- to- use strap to hold your luggage firmly in place? Want a strap that minimizes the risk of damage to you, your goods and your paintwork?

Then our Strap It™ Motorbike Flat straps are perfect for you.
Product description:
Each strap has a length of our unique flat shock cord with a small webbing loop at one end and a larger webbing loop at the other. The larger loop has a buckle sewn in. The entire strap can be passed through the small loop and secured to one anchoring point and then the large loop can be opened and secured around the other anchoring point.

Versatile - Just slip or wrap the ends around the selected anchoring points and wrap the strap over your luggage and you're off. Quality materials and good mechanical connections ensure these are the strongest elasticised straps you will use on your bike. Safely holds 65 lb (30 kg) in a straight pull, or 130 lb (60 kg) when looped over cargo.

Length: 12" (300 mm)
Width: ¾" (20 mm)
Set of 2 pieces

Additional Information

Part number 01-055-0417-0
Colour black
Size 30
Function Luggage
Shipping weight (kg) 0.1340

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