Rokstraps ROK™ All Purpose Flat Length 90 cm (36")

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Product Description

"Professional Strength and Safety"

How many times have you said to yourself:
"There has to be something stretchable like a bungee cord, but stronger and safer!"

Well here it is: the ROK™ All Purpose Flat.
Product description:
Each strap has a length of our unique flat shock cord with a double-shanked plastic coated steel hook sewn into each end. The combination of proper mechanical connection between hook and shock cord, and extra strong hooks, gives greater strength and safety over normal "bungee cords".

Double shank steel for extra strength and hold; plastic coated for scratch protection; rounded ends to minimise risk of eye damage.

Strongest, most durable rubber:
A solid core of 100% natural rubber provides superior strength, tear resistance and resistance to deterioration.

Best braiding:
Tight- knit polyester for superior wear resistance; best cargo protection; flat surface avoids excess pressure- marking on cargo; all rot-resistant Materials; superb durability under the widest range of climactic conditions; superior design qualities

Length : 36"
Width: ¾" (20 mm)
Set of 2 pieces

Additional Information

Part number 01-055-0403-0
Colour black
Size 90
Function Luggage
Shipping weight (kg) 0.3080

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