RAM device holder for Garmin GPS Montana devices,*not lockable*

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Product Description

This RAM device holder is designed specifically for Garmin's GPS MONTANA series of GPS devices.The device is an exact fit in the plastic cradle, which holds it securely. The device simply clips into the holder and can be removed just as easily. This cradle is not lockable.

Suitable for:
- Garmin GPS Montana Serie
Garmin GPS Montana 600 / Garmin GPS Montana 650 / Garmin GPS Montana 650t

The GPS device shown is not included.

Recommended accessories:
- RAM U-bolt mount ball and socket adapter (01-065-0040-0)
- A combination of RAM mount short arm (01-068-0230-0)
- RAM mount ball with clamp attachment (01-068-0235-0)
- RAM diamond plate with ball (01-068-0001-0)

Use our extensive range of RAM accessories to complete your GPS handlebar adapter.

Additional Information

Part number 01-068-0026-0
GPS device type Garmin_Montana
GPS usage road-offroad
Shipping weight (kg) 0.0810

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