Paperback Time-Out by Andreas Hülsmann

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25.000 km through South America
Andreas Hülsmann, a freelance journalist and photographer, describes his 25,000 km journey through South America. To leave the "routine" of his normal life behind, Andreas took an "Auszeit" (time-out). This book describes his six-month "AUSZEIT" in very humorous and exciting way.

His wife, Anne, and two friends accompanied him for some time, but he also travelled on his own. He rode through Argentia, Uruguay, Brasile and Chile.
In the course of this "AUSZEIT" his previous life is losing more and more importance and he sets new priorities when being confronted with foreign cultures, foreign customs, nature and people. Of course, his journey is not always a pleasure. On this exciting journey he had to go through tropical rain showers, withstand the storms in Patagonia and meet many other small and big challenges. If you like travelling, you will certainly devour this book.

"AUSZEIT" shows that everybody who has courage can make his dreams come true even today.


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