Integral lock for ZEGA Pro2 / ZEGA Pro Case / ZEGA Pro TopCase/ ZEGA Mundo/ Toolbox

01-050-0870-0 €10.40


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Product Description

These installation locks are only suitable for ZEGA Pro2 / ZEGA Pro / ZEGA Pro TopCase / ZEGA Mundo/ Toolbox (01-045-5610-0) and can be installed without drilling/filing.

The integral locks are available with simultaneous locking.
You will need two locks per pannier or one lock for the TopCase or Toolbox (01-045-5610-0).

If you require a certain key number, please enter it during the order transaction.
Not suitable for ZEGA Evo cases!

Additional Information

Part number 01-050-0870-0
Case variants ZEGA Mundo
Shipping weight (kg) 0.0310


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