Headset Interphone F5 MC™ *Twin pack* *Bluetooth*

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Product Description

The new F5 MC is the top model by Interphone The Interphone F5 MC with Bluetooth 3.0 provides bike-to-bike communication up to a distance of 1.3 km. Intercom between up to 6 users. The Interphone F5 MC consists of two Bluetooth® devices with logical function control, and TTS (Text to Speech) voice instruction of the functions. The F5 MC can easily be installed in any helmet. And as well as the user-friendly intercom function, the Interphone F5 MC also offers the comfort of an FM radio / RDS. Calls from Bluetooth® mobile phonescan be accepted with TTS voice control. Acoustic information from compatible motorbike sat systems can also be used. The Interphone F5 MC is completely waterproof and resistant to impacts and dust. With optional remote control so the F5 MC can be controlled from the handlebar. The F5 MC communications system can also be used for conference calls.
Communication from bike-to-bike
+ Connection from rider to rider, up to a distance of 1300 metres + Communication via activation button

Intercom functions
+ Connection rider-to-passenger + Communication via activation button * Knock with telephone ring tone

Link-up with up to 6 bikes
+ Connection from rider to rider, up to a distance of 1300 metres. Increases depending on the number of participants.
+ Communication via activation button

Remote control *Option*
+ The optional Interphone Remote control F (01-065-0896-0) can be coupled to the Interphone F5 MC.

ANYCOM Innovative interphone system links to other manufacturers' full duplex Bluetooth systems in the telephone list

Intercom auto reconnection Automatically re-establishes the intercom link when one party is out of range

Two way volume setting Two preset volume profiles available - a) jet helmet b) full-face helmet

Intercom toggling 2-way switching (rider to rider or rider to passenger) up to 5 riders (1 pair each)

Pairing mode Fast and easy pairing when device is switched on

Telephone functions
+ Accept/reject calls + Individual use of telephone for both units
+ Profile headset and hands free * profile a2dp/avrcp for smartphones with mp3
+ Make calls and accept/reject calls using "TTS" text-to-speech voice commands
+ Redial last number

Integrated FM radio
+ Frequency between 88 MHz and 108 MHz, RDS, 8 radio stations can be stored
+ Automatic mute when calls received

GPS functions
+ Acoustic information from Bluetooth® motorbike navigation devices + Knock with telephone ring tone

Stereo functions
+ Wireless hifi stereo connection with mobile phones and Bluetooth® A2DP music players
+ Operate music devices using the buttons on the Interphone F5 MC
+ Music automatically continues where it was interrupted + Knock with telephone ring tone
+ Music sharing mode Rider and passenger can both listen to the same music from an MP3 device in stereo quality via Bluetooth or cable

Features of Compact
+ Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 ® technology
+ Full duplex communication with DSP filter (for digital elimination of wind and background noises)
+ Intercom function with other Interphone F5 MC user units
+ Music playback from devices with A2DP (players with Bluetooth® or smartphones)
+ Via cable with 3.5 mm socket connectors.
+ Microphone with wind and noise filter
+ Two microphones for easier installation on JET, ENDURO and FULL-FACE HELMETS
+ Fine stereo headset Slim & Comfort
+ Optimum tone quality even at high speeds
+ Automatic volume adjustment as per (speed and ambient noise)
+ Waterproof housing (IP67)
+ Double fixation system: Detachable slide clip and adhesive mount
+ The control unit is easy to remove
+ Lithium battery
+ Size: 90x46x20 (mm)
+ Weight: 83 g including headset and microphone
+ New ergonomic housing
+ Buttons for music control
+ Software upgrade via USB
+ Compatible with Interphone remote control
+ New charger system with USB cable for charger and software update

Independent operation
- Talk time: up to 12 hrs.
- Standby operation up to 700 hours
- Charging time: 3 hours

What's included:
- 2 x Interphone F5 MC™ control unit
* 2 x clamp mount and adhesive mount
* 2 x goose neck with cable extension and plug-in peg for the helmet padding.
* 2 x cable microphone with jack.
* 2 x USB charging cable
* 8 x adhesive stickers to attach speakers to inside of helmet
* Installation tool
* Instructions

Additional Information

Part number 01-065-0935-0
Colour black
Waterproof Yes
Shipping weight (kg) 0.7500

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