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Product Description

The cardo SHO-1 DUO offers you 2 pre-paired advanced motorcycle communication systems custom-made for your SHOEI helmets!
The cardo SHO-1 was custom-designed to offer SHOEI enthusiasts a communication system that meets the highest standards. The headset is a top-of-the-range device for bike-to-bike Bluetooth communication. The Cardo SHO-1™ provides a bike-to-bike range of up to one mile (1.6 km). The speech connection stays active within this range. With its 3-way and 4-way intercom, the SHO-1 headset enables group conversations between a total of four motorcyclists and/or pillion passengers. All of the participants can speak at the same time, just as they can in a mobile phone conversation.
Main features:
- "One + 8" pairing
As well as the 4 users in conference, up to 8 additional users can be connected in toggling mode.
- Voice recognition technology
Connect to the additional 8 users via voice commands.
- Flash pairing
Simply touch two intercoms together and the systems are paired within 1.5 seconds.
- SHO-1 web application
Control all functions and settings via a personal web portal. The web portal also provides a platform for contacting other SHO-1 users and easily managing updates.
- Group signalling - Send a signal to all intercoms in the connected group.
Every member of the group can activate the signal.
- Emergency call
One touch of the button makes an emergency call.
- Real-time RDS
RDS traffic information is available on the radio.
Music sharing mode Rider and passenger can both listen to the same music from an MP3 device in stereo quality via Bluetooth or cable

Other features
* Full duplex bike-to-bike intercom system
* Range up to one mile (1.6 km), up to 4 people
* Mobile phone and navigation device coupling via Bluetooth®
* Stereo jack input for MP3 player
* Wireless MP3 stereo connection (A2DP + AVRCP)
* Digital signal processor
* Built-in FM radio with six channel memories (RDS automatically finds the strongest signal)
* Bluetooth® version 2.1, class 1, CSR
* Start intercom conversations with other G4 users in the vicinity (without pairing beforehand!)
* Click-to-link tells you when another Cardo G9/G4 rider is nearby and lets you pair with their intercom
* Sturdy weatherproof headset - protected against rain and snow
* VOX technology for mobiles for voice-activated acceptance and rejection of calls
* VOX technology for mobiles enables voice-activated redial
* Full duplex intercom with flip antenna, range up to one mile (1.6 km) depending on terrain
* High audio quality even at high speeds
* Compatible with other SCALA-RIDER® headsets
* AGC technology automatically adjusts the volume to the background noise level and speed
* 2 ultra-flat loudspeakers also suitable for tight-fitting helmets
* Firmware updates directly from your PC (Windows™ XP, Vista or Windows 7)
* Up to 13 hours talk time / 1 week standby
* Easy to fit yourself, takes approx. ten minutes

What's included
- 2x SHO-1 Control unit
- 2x SHO-1 The battery unit
- 2x Hybrid and corded microphone
- 2x Stereo speakers
- 2x Universal charger
- 2x USB connection cable
- 2x Velcro closure attachment pads
- 2x MP3 Cable
- 2x Wet wipes for cleaning
- 2x Microphone sponge
- 2x Instructions

Additional Information

Part number 01-065-0923-0
More Information 1 Tutorial SHO 1 Online
Colour black
Waterproof Yes
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