Engine protection shield "Expedition" Suzuki V-Strom 1000 from 2014

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Product Description

Whether for tarmac or gravel roads, the Suzuki V-Strom is a true all rounder. The susceptible underside of your V-Strom should be protected effectively, both on roads and in terrain.
Our "Expedition" engine protection shield offers perfect protection for your motorcycle. Dirt or stones raised by the front wheel cannot reach the engine and manifold. Annoying damage, such as dents to the manifold, a damaged oil filter or, even worse, holes to the engine block, can be effectively avoided by using the Touratech engine protection shield. A product which meets the highest technical demands and is an absolute optical "highlight"at the same time.

- made of 4mm thick aluminium
- superior protection for manifold and oil filter
- plastic rail facilitates "sliding" over stones, rocks or tree stumps
- ground clearance is not affected
- designed for best distribution of forces
- easy to fit
- set includes complete installation materials
- detailed installation instructions

On the one hand, the canted recess in the 4mm thick aluminium base plate provides maximum stability, on the other hand the force of any impact is spread across the frame as a result of the unique design.
And last not least, the plastic rail at the lower part of the base plate facilitates "sliding" over stones, rocks or tree stumps.
And as an aside, you also ensure that dirt cannot accumulate. Ground clearance is not affected by these two base plates.

Additional Information

Part number 01-391-5135-0
Model year from 2014
Bike-Manufacturer Suzuki
Model V-Strom 1000
Material Aluminium
Function Protection
Shipping weight (kg) 3.3340


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