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Five tours in five years. Through the most widely varying locations in the world. All contained in a single book. "Travel Time“ contains reports of the last five tours that Herbert Schwarz has made with various travelling companions.

Getting to know different people and different countries, all by motorbike. Encounters with countless, different and wonderful people. Not only experiencing fantastic scenery, but staying in it over night and crossing through it. All of which is captured by wonderful pictures, which together with their explanatory captions recreate the atmospheres and experiences of the journeys. All of the journeys were made in the course of intensive equipment testing. This meant the motorbikes were subject to some extremely tough conditions on the way. Through this book you can experience travelling to the roof of the world in Tibet, through the jungles of Bolivia, from Mexico City to the Baja California, from the North to the South through the Western USA and through the Namibian veldt up to the Angolan border.

You'll be amazed by the different vegetation, the extreme weather conditions and the almost impassable routes. A quite exceptional reading experience that cannot fail to wake your wanderlust.

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